Dynamic Test & Monitoring

Explorer 4000 Portable Monitor


The EXP4000 provides health and performance data on the motor, the motor’s load, and incoming power to assess motor performance and suitability in context of the entire machine system it supports.

Explorer 4000 Brochure

Explorer 4000 Manual

EP1000 External Port Kit


The EP1000 External Port for the EXP4000 allows the safe and quick access to the current and voltage signals of the motor at the MCC via a single connection.

EP1000 Brochure


NetEP Networked Monitor System


The SKF On-line Motor Analysis System – NetEP delivers real-time data on rotating machinery from the convenience of an office or anywhere an internet connection is available. Based upon the monitoring capabilities of the existing proven EXP technology, the NetEP enables centralized data collection mechanisms connected to computer file servers to acquire machine performance data without having to go into the field. It continuously gathers data from multiple voltage busses and motor

NetEP Brochure