Static Test

Products Static Test ProductsSKF’s high-voltage static motor test equipment is designed to detect weaknesses and faults in motor insulation. These essential predictive maintenance tools allow maintenance professionals to assess any need to maintain or replace specific motors and generators that support their business. They also used for QA of new and repaired motors/generators.

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Dynamic Test & Monitoring


SKF’s dynamic motor test and monitoring instruments and systems are built to conduct condition monitoring tests of motors and generators from a Motor Control Centre (MCC). The SKF Baker Explorer 4000 is a portable/manual monitor and the NetEP is a remote networked system which allows monitoring anywhere you have network access

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Systems Test

Systems Test Products
The SKF Baker WinAST is an automated stator test system and the SKF Baker WinTATS is an automated traction armature test system. These rack-style motor quality control units are rugged, field-proven systems for testing stators and armatures in high-volume manufacturing environments. They combine the most common electrical tests into an efficient automated solution.

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